Ethan Zolotor Author Hyperborea Severed Legacy


E.M. Zolotor

E.M, Zolotor makes his debut with the fantasy adventure Hyperborea: Severed Legacy

There was once an engineer who spent his days in class and his nights awake studying with determination. He constantly filled his schedule with academics until his brain could handle no more, but there was a problem. This engineer had a passion for telling stories.


One particular story had been growing inside of him and was unable to be stifled by academics. It was the story of Hyperborea and the Soul Wielder siblings: Eos and Maxima Bellator.


Over the course of four years, he brought this story to life in a labor of love and a passion for adventure with a twist of fantasy, manga influence, and western superhero culture.


Now the engineer can finally call himself a storyteller and author. Feel free to contact Ethan with anything professional or fan related as well as provide feedback! He appreciates every reader.