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Hyperborea Book 2 - Traitor's Path

"Traitor's Path" is Available Now

in hardback and paperback on Amazon

You are still not worthy. Not ready. Show me how strong you really are.

Eos and Maxima have returned to their homeland—Hyperborea. However, their reception reveals that all is not well in the homeworld, and ill omens plague their arrival.

Nations are on the brink of war, undercover allies have gone silent, and the Mitad’s influence grows. The siblings are faced with a new adventure—but the stakes are higher than they were on Earth. Compelled on a journey through the Winter Aisle, they must evade creatures made of pure Soul Energy, investigate unnatural disturbances in the Sepeleo Mountains, and consult a mystic priestess for guidance. Amidst it all, Eos just wants to prove himself to his long-lost parents, but the specter of his curse mark looms. Attempting to understand the Mitad’s plans and Eos’ curse reveals that they have a lot to learn before they earn the right to be called, Soul Wielders.

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