Bonds and Blood

The Legacy of Hyperborea


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Hyperborea Severed Legacy Cover Ethan Zolotor Free Fantasy Adventure Novel

Severed Legacy

Book 1 of Hyperborea

    Eos is a head-strong Soul Wielder confined to the North American Sector desert. His sister, Maxima, is level headed and likely a more talented Soul Wielder. The government forces the orphan siblings to harvest their Soul Energy, providing power for the Sector.

    When Eos and Maxima are separated, they learn they’re not alone. The Mitad, an off-world cult of similarly super-powered gangsters, is attempting to kidnap them. The government has them cornered. A crazed prisoner seems to hold the answers. So begins a journey of high-powered, dangerous adventure. Their search for freedom and the truth about their past leads Eos and Maxima to pursue a mysterious world they never knew existed – Hyperborea.

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Hyperborea will be published in 2019!

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  An epic tale of Soul Wielders, siblings, and a search for home.

© 2019 Ethan Zolotor