The Legacy of Hyperborea


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Hyperborea Severed Legacy Cover Ethan Zolotor Free Fantasy Adventure Novel

Severed Legacy

Book 1 of Hyperborea

   You will never find your way. You are lost.

    Such are the hauntings of Eos Bellator, trapped in the North American Sector desert by a never-ending sandstorm. The government forces the orphan siblings, Eos and Maxima, to harvest their Soul Energy, providing power for the Sector.

    Beyond the sands lies a tattered world being vied for by many forces. Yet, the biggest threat to Eos is not having control over his emotion-driven abilities. When fear overwhelms him, disaster strikes, and the siblings are separated. They learn that they are not alone. The Mitad, an off-world organization of similarly super-powered members, is attempting to capture them. The government has them cornered. A crazed prisoner seems to hold the answers.

    So begins a journey of high-powered, dangerous adventure. Eos and Maxima's search for freedom and the truth about their past leads them to pursue a mysterious world they never knew existed—Hyperborea.

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Hyperborea will be published in 2019!

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  An epic tale of Soul Wielders, siblings, and a search for home.

© 2019 Ethan Zolotor